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We protect our clients, people, and assets throughout Nigeria. Find out what Primegate Security can do for you or get a FREE security assessment now.

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Nigeria’s Leading Security And Protection Company

PrimeGate offers a range of specialized security and protection services – from close protection services for company executives, dignitaries, and high profile personalities, through to Mobile patrol security to secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; and inspecting edifices, equipment, and access points; permitting or refusing entry.

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Expert and Professional Security Tailored Specifically To Your Needs

The world is a frightening place with evolving dangers that pose extremely dangerous security concerns. PrimeGate will address these concerns with customized solutions designed by specialists that represent the best and most up to date talent and technology that can be found in the industry. We are well versed and experienced in the Nigerian environment and we understand the risks and threats. PrimeGate services provide innovative solutions such as:

  • Personal Protection Services
  • Escorts from Airports to Anywhere in the country
  • Mobile Patrol Security Services

Our Specialties

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Personal Protection Services

Executive Protection

Security Guards

Armed or Unarmed Escorts

Security Consulting

Elite Guarding/Protection

Celebrity Bodyguard/Protection

Response & Reaction

On-site Guarding

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Safe, Secure, and Cost-Effective Security Solutions

Whether our clients conduct business internationally or just around the corner, they count on the resources we provide. If you need one security officer or a team of officers, for long term or short term assignments, we can help you create the solution that best fits your security needs and budget. Our security solutions include the Six Pillars of Protective Services.


At PrimeGate we provide our clients with national security Resources with a local focus. PrimeGate security officers are the foundation of our organization. Officers are screened and trained to enable them to convey a high degree of professionalism.

Mobile Guarding

Vigilance and preparedness are the building blocks to all successful security. Vehicle Patrol or Foot patrol our Mobile officers can quickly respond to alarms, conduct patrol inspections, and open & close business premises.


In the centre of effective executive protection – often known as Bodyguard – offered by our company are those, who due to their exposed position in society are in particular danger. We provide able-bodied, well trained and bonded men as bodyguards to very important personalities. These men are specially trained by tested professionals in various areas of executive protection.


We offer well packaged and comprehensive security training to employees of corporate organization and interested individuals. Our facilitators are highly competent individuals who are experienced in the industry.

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